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The High Cost of Ignoring Pain and Stress:

severe consequences, not just physically but emotionally too. They can strip away the joy from activities you love, like jogging or playing with your children, potentially leading to depression and a decreased quality of life.

Unlock the Better You – Less Stress, More Life

Enjoy Life with Less Stress: Imagine your day with a calm mind and a lighter spirit, where you can truly savor every moment. At HALO, we help you reduce stress, leading to enhanced mood and productivity. Feel better, work better, and live better.
Relieve Pain, Gain Focus: Pain doesn't just hurt your body—it also captures your mind. Our clinical massages address the root of your pain, freeing you from distractions and restoring your focus. With less pain, you're ready to concentrate on what matters most.
Sleep Well, Live Well: Stress and pain often steal a good night's sleep, leaving you exhausted and on edge. Our holistic approach helps alleviate these barriers to rest, empowering you with the energy to tackle your day with renewed vigor and a positive outlook.

We understand health, life, and wellness can feel like an uphill battle.

In today's world, balancing health, life, and wellness can feel like an uphill battle. You're trying to keep up with everything, we understand it's easy to neglect the one thing that matters most - your well-being. That's where we step in.

At HALO Massage and Wellness, we believe in a world where achieving wellness and maintaining health is a team effort. We're not just a wellness center; we're your dedicated partners in the journey to the best version of yourself.



What Our Patients Say


Emily Johnson

I have been going to Halo Massage and Wellness for over a year now. Angela has a true gift of healing through her Clinical Sessions and Deep Tissue and Swedish massages. 

Christina Smith

This was my 1st professional massage & I was so impressed with Angela. She explained everything clearly & thoroughly. Applied just the right amount of pressure for me. The whole experience was amazing.

Amanda Letterman

This was my first professional massage. I was worried about it being awkward or uncomfortable. It wasn’t at all. It was amazing and wonderful. Angela was so kind and sweet. 


  • Can a massage help relieve headaches and migraines?

    Take a look at this research that shows what benefits massage can have for people that cope with headaches and migraine. Review the link and consult with your HALO Massage and Wellness therapist to begin to manage your stress headaches and migraines today.Research Article

  • What is the cancellation Policy?

    We appreciate a 24-hour or more notice on any cancellation of a session. If the cancellation is less than 24-hours, there will be a charge for half of the session type scheduled. This is always a great time for referral if you can't make it...it's like subletting : ) That means no charge to you for missing your scheduled appointment if unexpected life event(s) arise at the last second.

  • What is the HALO Clinical Session (HCS)?

    HALO Clinical Session (HCS) is a session with your Clinical Massage Therapist (CMT) that is a targeted treatment shorter in time than our normal one-hour or more of relaxation sessions. The purpose behind this type of therapy is to match the fast paced or valuable time that people must manage in their day. The therapist and client use up to 30 minutes in your specific target area of concern/ailment. For example, if you have a pain in the neck, besides the little (or big) things in life, we'll focus on that pain epicenter for relief with little interruption to your busy day. This can take place standing, in the massage chair, on the table, or a combination without the need of undressing. These sessions are great for those in rehabilitation mode to get back the range of motion and strength to optimize your life.

  • What should I wear for a massage?

    For a typical one-hour massage session, undress to your comfort level. You can keep all your clothes on, or you can take everything off. You'll be covered up by some comfy blankets and sheets in a temperature controlled environment. Remember, less clothes means less restraints regarding treatment of the areas of concern during your session (back, legs, arms, head, neck, feet), but we can always work around accordingly. For the more expedient 30-minute (or less) clinical massage therapy session, what you are wearing is just fine, as there is no need to disrobe. BUT, it is always easier to treat if you wearing something non-constraining. Please plan for your appointment.

  • What should I expect from a massage?

    At HALO Massage and Wellness, we tailor each session to the individual, whether clinical or relaxation session. For a typical one-hour massage session, we work on your head, neck, back, hands, arms, legs, and feet. Don't like an aforementioned area touched? For example, if you are ticklish or have issues with someone touching your feet (or anywhere else mentioned), we'll accommodate so you'll get extra time on the area of your choosing. Cool? And remember, we are always assessing areas that may be of concern to ensure the muscles and problem areas get the attention they deserve.

  • Can I get a tummy rub like my pets?

    Yep, and this has great benefits, too. By loosening the diaphragm, this can help breathing (expand lungs easier) and the infamous acid reflux (promotes more efficient digestion). Working on the abdominal area can help with eliminating back pain, and can also have positive effects on colon health.

  • Can children get massages?

    Yep. Kids from infant to teenager can most definitely benefit from the positive effects of massage therapy as part of their wellness regimen: aids in sleep, reduces sport induced soreness, eases growing pains, and promote a relaxed environment to assist stressed kids that may live with Autism, or other life-altering conditions. The Parent or Guardian of those 17 years of age and under must remain at our office for the duration of the appointment. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to be in the room as part of the team at all times. We work at the child's pace, meaning, if they say they are done and want milk and cookies after 15 minutes of a 30 minute session, then the session is over. You never hold back milk and cookies.

  • How do I pay?

    You may use cash, check (local residents only please), DEBIT, or any major credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, etc.). We would like to take dark chocolate, but the cacao bean fell out of the monetary system many centuries ago.

  • Oops! My Check or Credit/DEBIT Card was Insufficient. What Now?

    Don't stress out. We know things happen. If payment in the form of Check/Credit Card/DEBIT is insufficient, all we ask is that you bring your account current utilizing cash; an additional $25 fee may apply.



Swedish Massage

Feeling stressed? Frazzled? Is it affecting your day? Need to recharge? A great all around stress reliever utilizing the most popular massage techniques.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is also a full body massage, but the work is done with more localized pressure to reach the deeper muscles needing attention.


An efficient and targeted treatment service for professionals and persons with limited schedules and or specific issues without the need for disrobing.

Chair Massage

A convenient mobile option for events within the community and many corporate/small business environments.

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